Two of my biggest fears are 1) writing 2) being too old to accomplish anything in life.

And I’ve found that I’m certainly not the only one with those two precise fears. There’s a lot to unpack in both those topics. And I will, in future posts. These aren’t just pesky little annoying quirks. No, this is hard stuff for me. If I let myself go deep enough into the fear of it, it’s paralyzing.

“But Gina, you’ve written before, you even have another blog.” I hear from friends. Not the same thing. When you’re using your fear #1 to explore fear #2, well that’s 2 fears are compounded by…well you do the math. All I know is it’s hard.

But eventually you reach that point where the pain of not doing something about it becomes more unbearable than doing something about it. So what am I doing about it? Naturally, I’m writing a blog about embracing your inner late bloomer.
I realize  doing this type of thing is a walk in the park for many people out there, but that doesn’t make me feel any less vulnerable. But I will have rather tried than not tried at all. There are no guarantees. I may do both of these things badly, but not doing them is far more painful.
I say to my dance students “No excuses, no regrets, no apologies”.  And now it’s time to go there myself.
In this video, Ishita Gupta, editor of the online magazine Fearless does a great job of reminding us to stop running. It’s time to face your fears and finally release the baggage that weighs you down and keeps you from doing, getting and being who you truly are.

I told you mine, what are yours? What 2 fears are you facing today? What challenges scare the hell out of you? Are you ready to put them behind you? Tell me in the comments below what 2 things you fear that you would love to change. Be a part of this, and watch your inner late bloomer start to kick ass!