When you see the term late bloomer, who do you think of? Typically you think of some toddler or youth that is a bit late in developing certain skills or someone middle age or older that has unexpectedly reached significant success or celebrity.
And then there’s the rest of us.
We made it through our toddler years and adolescence mostly unscathed but we don’t quite fit the other group either. We’re not celebrities, we don’t make bestselling novels or paint masterpieces.

We are, despite our fears and challenges however, exploring and discovering our passion(s). We realize that we may be a bit late to the game but we forge ahead anyway. And that’s the exciting part isn’t it?
We are over the “late” and into the “blooming”.
The “lateness” is relative anyway.  What might be late for me may be perfectly normal for you.
I’ve had the fortune of meeting people that have decided to try their hand at  writing, painting, entrepreneurship and even parenthood at a much later time in life than expected. And even though they are considered late, by mainstream standards, their decisions and choices couldn’t have been more perfectly timed for their lifestyle and personality.
So my invitation to you is to is to embrace your inner late bloomer and get blooming.

Because life is better late than regretted.
How will you blossom?