Until you face your fears, you don't move to the other side, where you find the power. -Mark Allen, Six time Ironman World Champion

For a minute I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I hadn’t yet finished my blog post for the week. Not that I don’t enjoy doing it but you know how it is.  Life happens and sometimes gets in the way of you getting things done. And it’s easy to go with that isn’t it? It’s easy to tell yourself it’s ok and that you’ll do better next week.

Do you know what’ll slap that kind of thinking out of you quicker than you can say “Lame!”?

Remembering that your friends are doing, as you write your blog post, the Ironman race.

Yeah. Feeling pretty wimpy now, aren’t you?

The Ironman is a freakin’ incredibly demanding and difficult physical, mental and emotional challenge. It consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike race and a 26.2 mile marathon run. Can you believe it?! Look at those numbers again! Any one of those races on their own would be a formidable task, but all three of them, one right after the other. Insanity. Yet thousands of people sign up to push past their comfort zone out of their limits and to the extreme.
And two of those people are friends of mine that, obviously, are very special people.
I’m talking special, beyond the grit and guts it takes to do a race like this.

You see this is the 3rd time they both do this. One of them has accomplished it twice -amazing right? Now this is where my mind gets blown, the other friend has not been able to finish in time. Twice before he’s tried and twice he’s come up short.
Anyone at that point would say it’s ok, good try, I gave it my best and let it go. And it would be ok, wouldn’t it?
But not him. He got himself up and put himself out there…again. He’s done this again, and again, and again.

What an incredible example of resiliency, determination and commitment he has chosen to be. He did not pick the easy way out when it would have perfectly fine for him to do so. I know for a fact he has inspired more lives than he’ll ever know about.

As I watch the live coverage of Ironman AZ, I realize my friend is right where he belongs. He’s surrounded by amazing people, that like him continue to push themselves, continue to challenge and continue to grow. I just saw an older couple cross the finish line together holding hands, another man just completed his 102nd Ironman race!

My friends still have to cross the finish line but Ironman or not, they are big winners to me.

Now, pardon me as I go back to watching the live coverage. I don’t want to miss when my two friends cross the finish line and the announcer says “Tiffany, you are a three time Ironman! and no doubt some of the sweetest words my friend Andre will ever hear “Andre YOU are an Ironman!”.
Thank you Andre and Tiffany, I love you. YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!